A Letter from The Penn Ed Board

Business may be the driving force for economic prosperity, but an Education, at its most individual level, is the launching point for the sustainable growth and capacity-development of any nation. This assertion, of course, assumes an education “done right” – with equitable access to a high-quality curriculum offered to all. Yet as budget crises, failing test scores, and inadequate standards of measurement for students and educators tell us, we are far from hitting the mark.

We at Penn Education Society believe that we can do better. We believe that providing students with a high quality education is more than just a duty by the state and federal government, but a social justice that stakeholders must provide. We are undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Pennsylvania who have done hands-on work within the community but have refused to stop the dialogue there. We hope to push conversations started within classrooms to the forefront of people’s minds and to the top of policy agendas.

To that end, throughout the upcoming weeks, we will be posting blogs, both from the Board and from guest writers. Given the recent severe funding cuts and school closings in Philadelphia, the time is ripe for Penn students to grow actively involved with the struggling education system in their own community. We strive to lead our peers in rethinking educational paradigms, inspiring a generation of actively engaged, life-long investors in change.

*Penn Education Society is nationally recognized by the Students for Education Reform (SFER) network.